Day Two , Sunny Sunday.


Anyway Sunday is here, not such a great start.I think it’s just kicking in what’s happening, but I expect I’ll get used to the idea.
Just 8 am, think I’m the first awake, I can’t hear any movement down stairs. There’s only me and Chris here at the moment. Btw Chris is the wife. One thing I might have to do is get my medication delivered ready sorted into days etc might make life easier for all concerned, no discussion as to what’s been taken and when.
I hope your not expecting a deep and meaningful entry everyday. As I don’t believe in fairy tales, aka god etc, this is mainly going to be the nuts and bolts of going thro this horrible part of life. Just thinking how I can make use of this patron thing, what to offer etc. I know, how about the gory bits I’ve left out 😂, there’s also the leather offerings I make. So there’s a bit of feed back any reader could give.
What leather, can’t be anything large at the moment like handbags. Maybe wallets or key fobs. Everything I do is made from the best hide available so it’s not cheap stuff.

Kids are over at some point today, so that’s always a very good highlight.
Just had a thought, we have a great lady who comes in once a fortnight to do a bit of housework for us, actually she is great at chatting and keeping us up to date with local news as well. It’s going to be an unenviable task of breaking the news to her. I think she is one of those great souls with that hard outer but inside, soft as butter.
Well a few hours have passed and it was a difficult start, I just couldn’t bottle the feelings anymore so I just let it all go, but am feeling a lot better and more positive now.

On a side note as I sit here watching F1 which is much the same again this weekend, how they can make it more interesting? The weather here today is flipping hot again, feels like it’s in the mid 20’s. that’s something readers will have to get used to I use and quote a mix of metric and imperial but I’m sure you’ll get the gist.
Anyway had a brief visit from the kids and it’s starting too get very warm out there now so I think at the moment I’ll call it a day. I may add more later.

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