First week over ……..

Thursday 13th July 2017.

Well that was a very strange day, content wise.
The expected visit from the optician went very well and I should have a new upgraded pair of all seeing eyes within a week or so. The other helpful addition are some drops daytime and night which I believe are the same ingredients just that the night ones are a gel as opposed to liquid. I presume that is to help keep them in place overnight.

The weather seems a little easier today, not quite so oppressive. As I write it’s 8 pm, garden patio door is open and it’s feeling pleasantly cool.

The other unexpected visit today was from the district nurse. A very pleasant young fella, Caryl, never come across the spelling of Karl in that form.😊. Anyway spelling apart he seems a great person to chat to. We spent over an hour generally talking about the situation and getting to know each other. For the time being he is intending to visit on a weekly basis just to find what level of help etc I need. I think once I can get it into everyone’s head that I’m still alive and kicking these greatfully accepted visits will be reduced dramatically.
We chatted about all of the options available towards the end, I suppose it has to be done, but what would be great is if you could do it with one person and they could then share that information. Over the last week or so that’s all I seem to have been doing.
That’s the evening meal over with now, plus a quick chat with Jenn a very good friend in the US. She works as a teacher I’m not sure what age group, I think teenagers, to be honest I can’t really follow our school system let alone theirs as well.
But a very intelligent down to earth person with a very interesting husband to boot. He also suffered from/with lung cancer a few years ago but has made a full recovery.
So other updates for today I bought a garden chair “Adirondack” and an up to date 📺 for the bedroom so I can make full use the facilities on Sky Q.
I have just been giving it some thought and maybe I will use midweek entries for the more down to earth stuff and leave the weekends for the in depth brain rattling stuff.
Right, that’s it for this entry, I’ll get it posted now. If you are having any probs with the blog reading it,finding it etc. Please let me know. Although I’m finding it interesting to write I just hope there are some out there finding it interesting to read. If there is anything you think may be of interest to know about please let me know.
All the best for another day.

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