A strange week.

This change as in the arrival of the cancer on the scene, has Β given me such a lot to look at and consider. The first reaction is to consider the length of time left as opposed to to that given by COPD. I have to admit if we can get the pain relief under control I’m hoping my quality of life will improve.

Having said all that it seems to take forever to get a good balance of first the type of morphine to take, oral versus slow release tablets. Then of course the paracetamol, which I personally think I will continue to take. Now Ibuprofen has been added to the list even though in the not too distant past it was a big no no for those of us with COPD.

It appears that each drug or type of drug has a better reaction to the pain in each type or position of the pain. In my case paracetamol tablets plus slow release morphine tablets work well in the kidneys whereas oramorph seem good in the bones. I am having to keep a list for my own benefit to pass onto the medics.

Even though the list is growing thankfully it’s getting simpler as there is more repetition. My only difficulty is giving up control which I must do. But in doing so I get annoyed with myself which gets me upset which in turn upsets Chris and is definitely not something that I want to happen, contrary to popular belief.

Lets be honest I am a very very lucky person to have such a great family here to help me over the last few years/months etc and they shouldn’t have to put up with a miserable arse wipe during that time. But believe it or not I do actually try to do my best and remain cheerful if I can.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Right that’s it for tonight everyone. Sleep well.

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