Day Three, Monday 10th July.

This is going to be an extremely busy day I think, mainly with the GP. Have awoken this morning feeling a little more positive , have Chris’s cousin , Sheila and her husband visiting today. Family wise it is her and Christine’s brother Robbie who have been amazing friends and all round stars over the years. Over the last ten years especially when the emphysema has kicked in big time they are here in a flash. Especially when considering Sheila lives in Birmingham and Robbie in Kent.

As for my family, which to be honest is fairly large in comparison, I only have contact with a cousin on my fathers side and a step cousin. Both great friends. The rest I think I shall refrain from commenting on needless to say they will not be welcome at my funeral or visiting prior to the event I think a polite word to use is “swivel”

Right today I aim to cancel a cataract operation I had arranged as I don’t really think I can justify using the resources for such a short time scale.

Late evening.
Well a very productive day, an amazing visit with Sheila and Steve both real spirit lifters. Also before 11am I managed to fill the rest of the week with Doctors , optician and nurses appointments. Very much Sod’s law in the post was an appointment for the cataract but I’ve mentioned it to the coordination team at the Doctors and they are going to sort it all out.

They are a great group of girls in there, their passing comment today was if you don’t feel up to anything let us know and we will do it for you.

Also got a great video call from Robbie, they are down on Friday, I shall be knackered come next Monday. But it’s just what I need to keep the brain going.
Anyway I think that will be enough for today busy day tomorrow with a nurse visiting. I’ll keep you all informed in tomorrow’s entry.

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